Monday, August 18, 2008

The Corner on National Review Online

McCain, Obama, and the "Cone of Silence"   [Byron York]

Next, McCain, like Obama, knew the first two questions that would be asked of him — the "three wisest people" question and the "greatest moral failure" questions. Both men knew exactly what was coming at the start of the appearance. This morning I talked to A. Larry Ross, who is the media representative for the Saddleback Church, and he told me that Warren "gave both candidates the first two questions because he didn't want them to be nervous…so they would be at ease." Ross says that in separate phone calls with the McCain and Obama, Warren also went through the four general categories of questions and said things like, "I'll probably ask you a question on this, or on that," but gave no specific wording.

The Corner on National Review Online

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