Thursday, October 30, 2008


Palin Camp Seeks to Undo ABC Error « FOX Embeds «
“ABC News made a mistake. They’ve admitted that mistake, but unfortunately, they have compounded that and so have other news organizations.” Eskew said, “In that interview Gov. Palin was asked, right at the very end, about her intentions for 2012. She deflected those intentions and answered the question that she was planning to win. Deflecting isn’t probably the right word. She rejected that contention. She was asked in a follow up question whether she was discouraged–and I’m paraphrasing– discouraged by the attacks on her whether she wanted to just go back to Alaska. At which point she said I’m not going to wave the white flag of surrender and I’m not doing this for naught. She had talked extensively in this interview about what her reasons what motivated her in this campaign as a governor, a candidate, a mother and a woman. proceeded to write a terrifically misleading headline that confused–it’s a much better word that conflated–her answers to those two separate questions.”


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