Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In November we'll see how much political Clout the President has.

They saved Obama's bill; can he save their seats?

Despite euphoria in some quarters after Tuesday's bill signing, opponents kept up their vehement objections to Obama's plan and those who supported it.

In Ohio, Republican challenger Jim Renacci raised $60,000 in mere days while Democratic Rep. John Boccieri mulled over how he would vote on the health bill. He wound up voting for the overhaul.

"John Boccieri and his Democratic colleagues have pursued a failed agenda in Washington while ignoring the will of their constituents at home, and now the American people are fighting back—with their voices, their votes and their wallets," said James Slepian, campaign manager for Renacci.

These cases—and scores like them—underscore why White House aides have drawn up an intensive calendar to help vulnerable allies defend a vote that was, in many cases, against their own political interests. Obama promised wavering Democrats, primarily moderates in conservative-leaning districts and states, that they wouldn't be left standing alone if they cast the tough "yes" votes.

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