Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Olbermann......definition of a hypocrite....

Olbermann’s Smear of Tea Partiers Backfires

Assuming that he is serious, however, one can take a look at the home page of MSNBC-TV and find that it shows 10 white faces and no people of color who host or co-host their own shows on the network. To paraphrase Olbermann, "Where are the people of color on MSNBC-TV?"

Does that mean that the people who make those decisions at MSNBC are racist? Of course not. But based on the numbers and faces alone, there is certainly more evidence of racism on their part than on the part of the 9-12 organizers, who had no control over who came to Washington, D.C. but did pick blacks to speak to the crowd.

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