Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get ready for the media to try and turn this into something that it isn't.

Hume Predicts Health Bill Win Will Prompt ‘Wave of Gushing Coverage’ for Obama |
The fact though is there’s not much chance, in my view, the public is going to start liking the measure any time soon and the political consequences for the Democrats in the fall are likely to be very severe. And the question then becomes, how does this President adjust to a new atmosphere in which he doesn't have these overwhelming majorities. He had a terrible time getting this thing passed even with them. So the question then becomes what is he going to do in the domestic area after that. Could he pivot to the center, could he turn to the center? I think not. I think he’s temperamentally and intellectually disinclined to do that and adapt and adjust the way Bill Clinton did...

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