Sunday, March 21, 2010

What have the politicians in Washington done to this Country? - House Votes to Pass Senate Health Care Bill
The bill's passage was incumbent upon pro-life Democrats, who were appeased by Obama's pledge to issue an executive order clarifying abortion funding language.

I think I knew that this thing was going to pass. I just held out hoping that there were enough courageous Dem's to keep this from passing. When Stupak sold out and settled for a pledged from President Obama, that was the end.

I don't know where this will take our nation, I can only assume that it will be down a road that no one want's to go down. The only hope left from what I can tell is that the Attorney General's from the state will take this to the Supreme Court and get a ruling that this bill is indeed unconstitutional.

But either way, this needs to serve everyone who did not want this with a warning. Our voices need to be heard loud and clear from now until the mid-term elections in November. And the reason is so that these Congressmen and women need to know that there only job is to represent the people that elected them to office and that they don't serve the Democratic Party they are there to serve the American people......Bill

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